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Manou Marzban is an Iranian-American contemporary artist. Born in 1962 in Switzerland to a diplomat father, he was privy to both the extravagance of diplomatic life and the frightening political climate of a country poised for revolution and turmoil.


The dichotomy of his upbringing had a profound effect on his worldview. His art is often infused with symbols and references to popular culture and historical personalities. He  is recognised for his use of psychedelic colours and strong narratives.


Manou’s expositions have been covered by international press and he has had events in Berlin, Cannes, Nice, Paris, Monte Carlo, Baltimore, Geneva, Stockholm and London. 

See interview with New Zealand journalist Barry Sangster 2012.

"I believe in creativity presented in its original perspectives directly from the mind’s eye without interpretations or adjustments onto the canvas."


"Engaging and intriguing they are never too
sad or too serious"

Huffington Post

Manou’s paintings combine the use of acrylics with broad strokes (usually delivered with a spatula). This approach, called ‘streaking’, help provide his paintings with immense energy and movement.
He employs a bright primary palette, sometimes incorporating florescent paints, playful caricatures, and elements from graffiti art.

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