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"Vivid imagination holds supreme sway over every endeavor"   Highbrow Magazine

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"Artist of Our Times" 

Highbrow Magazine 2023


Steam Streaks

"Using my trademark 'streaks' technique to create the background colours that are then transformed into abstract retro-futuristic structures and aesthetics inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery"



Trademark 'streaks' provide the colour blended backgrounds that serve as the abstract foundation for narrative creations and characterisations

Street art and graffiti inspired collages blending culturally familiar icons together to create chaotic yet whimsical worlds full of colour and expression

New, upcoming and one-off projects aiming to drive creative expression in multiple media formats and styles and to resonate and intrigue

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Manou Marzban

Manou Marzban is a Swiss-born Iranian-American artist recognized for his use of psychedelic colours and strong narratives.  He has been covered by international press and has had expositions worldwide. His paintings have been auctioned globally and are featured in galleries in North America, Europe and Middle East. His work has been called “a whirlwind of chaotic energy” (Al Arte Magazine, 2015).

PBS described Manou’s work "dramatic, thought-provoking, but above all beautifully animated and colourful.” Huffington Post featured him on the cover of its Arts & Culture section under the title ‘Pop Goes Persepolis’, writing “each canvas – or in some cases table tennis tables, old TVs, furniture – has a myriad of narratives interwoven to reflect the artists’ strong opinions on history, politics and popular culture”.


In 2017, his Diversity Not Fascism installation won critical acclaim at his exposition in London. In a 2020 interview with the BBC [Persia] he was acknowledged as a leading contemporary Iranian pop artist. Highbrow Magazine ran an editorial titled 'Manou Marzban, An Artist of Our Times'in 2022. He has since been featured on Monaco TV as well as local press in the UK and France. Manou is currently working on new projects in Portugal and France. 

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